Hi! I'm Janne Joensuu, pelitaitelija.
That's Finnish for "game artist".


I am a 3D game artist currently working as a freelancer. I've previously been an environment artist and 3D generalist on various game projects, mostly mobile and low-poly stuff. I've most recently worked on realistic, offline (non-realtime) rendering.

I started 3D modeling as a hobby about 10 years ago. I found I enjoyed it more than programming, so I went to study 3D modeling first in North Carelia College Outokumpu (PKKY Outokumpu) and later in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. There I worked on numerous game projects, published four games, went to Belgium for a year, befriended exchange students from all over the world, taught various 3D courses, helped with Northern Game Summit and so much more. My years in Kajaani taught me to love the small-scale indie dev scene.

I wrote my thesis about 3D terminology, and created the first glossary of 3D terms in Finnish. I'm planning to expand and then publish the glossary, as well as create interactive, online database of 3D terms.

I'm currently working as a 3D freelancer. I've also taught 3D modeling and game development professionally for almost a year now on both physical classrooms and online.

When I'm not working, I spend most of my time reading or having semi-philosophical discussions with my friends. I enjoy various fantasy authors, and I especially enjoy the works that present aspects of the real world as fantastic and magical: the warm humour of Terry Pratchett, the chilling industrial horrors of China Miéville and the necromantic cultural constructs of Max Gladstone.